How To Abbreviate Madame

How To Abbreviate Madame

The word "Madam" has been popular lately. It's been If you're looking to abbreviate the word, there are a few things you should know first. 'Mademoiselle Fergie' sign on the seat of Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson at and an older, married woman Madame, whose abbreviation is Mme.

Mme = Madame: Madam / plural: Mmes = Mesdames And you are right Tchev, the French abbreviation for Monsieur is M. Mr. is the English.

The abbreviation of “madame” is Mme The abbreviation of “monsieur” is M aaand the abbreviation of “mademoiselle” is Mlle Note that. Madam or madame is a polite and formal form of address for women, often contracted to ma'am dame literally means "my lady". In French, the abbreviation is "Mme" or "Mme" and the plural is mesdames (abbreviated "Mmes" or "Mmes"). French honorifics are based on the wide use of Madame for women and Monsieur for men. Contents. 1 Social; 2 Professional; 3 Religious; 4 Nobility and royalty.

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